August 10, 2010


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One of the many traditional handfasting items we’ve chosen to have in our ritual was a handfasting besom. When I was feeling more than adventurous I was thinking I’d make it and decorate it and it would be all sorts of pretty… etc.

Turns out, a friend of mine (or, more really a friend of a friend who is really just an accquaintance to me, but she’s fabulous!) is particularly adept at making handfasting besoms – and not just by making them pretty, but by taking the cosmic energies between your birth name/date and the date of the ceremony. She has sent me some of the information that she’s gathered and while some of it I already knew, there was some that kind of startled me.

My parents weren’t religious people. They don’t attend church regularly or anything like that. I don’t ever remember them making my brother and I go to church (although now him and I are probably the most religious of our generation – even if it is in different forms) or really bringing up the notion of deity during our upbringing.

She took our full names into consideration. While I knew my first name, Amy, was Hebrew/Latin for Beloved. I did not know my middle name, Michelle, was Hebrew/Latin for Close with the Divine.

Also, the date of my birth (8/13/1983) is the Feast Day of Hekate “and associated with the Divine Forces of Asgard.”

She went on to write: 

“You were born at a Time of Stability, under the direct influence of the Divine Force – and that is the Dark Mother herself Hekate.  In the identification of the Asgard connection we have another Tree that is not only symbolic, but is one of the main Sacred forms known also as the Axis Mundi – World Tree – Ash.

I’m still trying to decipher all of this. While I knew that my birthday was also a feast day (not only for Hekate, but for Diana/Artemis as well) through a friend of mine with the same birthdate, but different year, I don’t know if hers is the same or not because of the year difference. However, I’m curious to discover more about this.


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