August 4, 2010

1 month and counting

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Our handfasting is one month from today.

I’m letting it sink in.

There is still a TON to do and I’m having a bit of a freak out to be honest. We still haven’t gotten all the invites out. We don’t have the ceremony completely finished yet and we still have to get ALL of our ceremony decorations.

I managed to find one thing so far that I really like:

Photo from

Those lanterns are going to hang from shepherd’s hooks along the aisle way. We’re going to make “faerie hair” and tie that off from the hanger part of the lantern to kind of flow in the wind.

Well, that part is taken care of… now for the rest of it.

We’re thinking of getting hay bales for people to sit on. Mostly because they’re cheaper than renting chairs and I think they’ll look nice covered on the top with some unbleached muslin.

The gazebo… *sigh* I have no idea what we’re doing there. Sunset is apparently RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of our ceremony (great planning on my part… duh) so now we really have to figure out lighting. The lanterns will help and we will have tiki torches around the perimeter of the site so people should be able to see without too much of a problem. However we need to have lighting in the gazebo (I’m hoping to borrow a gorgeous pair of antique candelabra)

I know, they’re so gorgeous I can’t stand it.

So I’d like to have them to put taper candles in. I think that would look really nice. If not, well, I’ll see if anyone else I know has a pair of candelabra I could use. But we definitely need some light. Also, we’re putting some white faerie lights around the two front most pillars. Not really sure if it’s going to be enough though.

I’m worried we won’t have enough light to finish everything we need to finish. I’m wondering if it’s a possibility to move the ritual up to 6:30 instead of 7. That would negate the need for a TON of lighting.

But for decorations – well, I’m not really feeling anything one way or the other. I’d love to do yards and yards of faerie hair to have around the perimeter of the gazebo. (That’s not going to happen – that would cost WAY too much money) and take some fishing line and tie feathers off on the line and hang them from different heights. I could probably get away with the feathers and fishing line.

It’s so close. I’m going shopping on Thursday for everything so I need to make up my mind by then. AUGH!


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