July 23, 2010

Keeping Track

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:51 pm by Amy

It’s not a big secret to many of our friends that between Garry and I, I’m the organized one. I carry around a “mom” purse filled with just about everything and anything you could possibly need throughout the day – which includes a small notebook full of ideas, concepts, drawings… (you get the point) for our handfasting and wedding.

However, we were still having trouble remembering to do stuff like call our friends to see if we could borrow tables for food and finish the invites (which I’ll be honest – I think we’re just going to need to send them online). His phone didn’t have email capabilities and mine didn’t get signal in our office (and let’s face it, was dying).

So yesterday Garry and I went to our local Verizon store and got a pair of Droids.

They’re a little more fancy than what I’m used to (I had a Blackberry Pearl before) and I’m fairly certain I’m probably not going to use it to it’s full potential. But, I’m hoping now that I can get a signal at work when I think of things to remind Garry to do he’ll remember to do them (or I can do it myself).

We rely on Facebook a LOT so this will help.


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