July 21, 2010

Choosing a caterer

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Now that our venue is booked for the legal ceremony I feel a little more relaxed and can focus (sort of) on the handfasting.

What I’m noticing is that it’s incredibly difficult to focus on planning two ceremonies at once.

For the handfasting we still need to get the port-o-potties figured out. Apparently there was something mentioned on our community list-serv about switching companies regarding that. I just wish he’d remember to do that instead of playing video games when he gets out of class.

Until we get that part of it all figured out (and find out if we can even camp – I don’t know if it was even brought up when Garry cleared it with the land owner) all I can do now is work on everything else.

My mom wants to book the caterer for the legal ceremony like yesterday.

I spent some time a while back going over the different catering companies, what they offer and their price. For us, we want a company that has unique food (ie, not just steak, baked chicken and ziti) and a lot of the catering companies around here, unfortunately, fall under that category – or they fall under the “Italian food” category. I’ll be honest. I love Italian food. However, we live in a fairly Italian area and there are TONS of good Italian restaurants and as a result everyone has Italian food for any and every special event.

So we decided to look elsewhere and luckily there is a local cafe that has amazingly inspired food. One look at their menu and I was hooked!

There is an option for a sit down meal, or you can have food stations varying in cuisine from Indian, to Tex-Mex, to Mediterranean, to Latin (get my point!) They even have a fancy-shmancy picnic option where you can get a variety of picnic salads (think potato salad, but much fancier) and grilled stuff too. We scheduled an initial appointment with them for August 3rd and from there maybe schedule a tasting. I’m hoping so. The cost is also pretty reasonable in comparison with all the other companies out there.

The lesson here is if the food is a big deal for you (and it is for us because Garry and I LOVE to cook) then to really look into some of the smaller companies out there. Ask your favorite restaurant if they do catering (This restaurant is one of my favorites in town!) and you might end up pleasantly surprised.


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