July 9, 2010


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Still no rain today – however there are some clouds looming overhead. At this point, I’m hoping the rain will hold off a few more hours until after we’ve gotten a chance to look around the venue we’re scoping out later today for our legal ceremony. I’m hoping going and seeing a venue will give me a better idea of what I’d like to do. If we really like this place we’ll book it right away I imagine, but there is one more we might take a gander at (a local Victorian mansion!). As for right now I’m just stuck on what I want to do look-wise. There is a lot of pressure to be unique from everyone else, but really I don’t care if I’m unique – I care more about being happy. If everyone else on the planet is doing the same thing, well then I guess I have good taste. The problem is trying to define a style for Garry and I. He could really care less so long as there is nothing pink involved and I’m having a hard time breaking out of the “wedding” theme. I guess looking at all the blogs and sites out there where people come up with these really creative ideas are causing me to put the pressure on myself.

In just about an hour I’m going to our local grocer (well they’re a regional company) to learn how to make a bouquet. They always have GORGEOUS flowers in the store and honestly, buying a bouquet from them would run me about $50 if they do it for me (for an average sized arrangement). If I do it myself – it would end up being cheaper I imagine.

I have a list ready to go of all the different kinds of flowers that are in-season in September and I can get an idea of what I can do. The must-have flower are white asiatic lilies. I would like to keep the palate to whites, off-whites, greens and brown. I also really like texture. (branches, foilage and flowers with interesting textures are all good in my book)

While this bouquet will be for our handfasting – it does give me an idea of what I want to do for our legal wedding too. I also want things to be cohesive (but not so matchy-matchy that it’s boring) with the centerpieces being “related” to the bouquets.

After writing all of that, I’m sitting here thinking to myself how absolutely surreal it is that I am actually engaged and I’m really going to get married. It’s one of those things that for the last… oh… *counting on my hands* 5 or 6 years now I’ve been planning in one form or another. No joke.


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