July 6, 2010

The ring

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated, mostly because now that Garry and I are “officially” engaged, it’s been a little crazy.

I don’t have a photo of the ring yet (still working on that), but I have something just as good!

Garry’s proposal

I still think it was a moot point, but it did make him feel all special – and that’s what’s important. However, he posted the video on Facebook that morning and it was apparently viral through our circle of friends before I got home last Tuesday.

This week we were planning on getting a lot done. Then the weather decided it was going to be ungodly warm. Grr.

We live on the second floor of old house (like 1890’s old) that was converted into a triplex. It gets WARM in there. Yesterday we had a bunch of people over (which was a BAD idea) and we don’t own a proper air conditioning unit to cool our living room (our living room doesn’t have windows that can open – so it has to be one powerful enough to cool two rooms) and it was pretty miserable. I’m still recovering.

Fortunately the AC we do have is capable of cooling our bedroom so at least we were able to get some sleep last night. However this means that the only room that will be anywhere close to tolerable is our bedroom, making any sort of work we want to do on our wedding this week next to impossible. (Really, I just wanted to print my handfasting invitations)

On Friday I have two appointments – one with a florist and another with a venue and we’re going to dinner at a potential restaurant that may do catering. Of course, it’s supposed to RAIN all day on Friday. Awesome. Although I’m sure by that point I’ll be fine with waltzing about in the rain.


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