June 29, 2010

Themes good to me…

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Okay, I needed to throw a pun in there. Lack of (good) sleep and the humid temperatures are making me a little crazier than normal.

I’m still trying to figure out the venue situation. There’s a really nice water garden near where I live (actually it’s dead center between our hometown and most of Garry’s family) thath as a pavillion  that seats 150.

We did our first draft of our invite list and we came up with 107. That’s good – we want it to be small enough to be manageable, but large enough to be a fun party.

It was a hard thing to do since I’m not close with the vast majority of my family. When I say I have a “small” family, it’s because I don’t know about all the cousins and extended family. We never lived near enough to them (nor were my parents particularly close with them either) to justify them being close family. We have 22 people that are considered “close family” and even within that there are people I rarely ever get to see or talk to.

So watching Garry fill out his “side” of the list (we’ve divided it into my family and personal friends, his family and personal friends and then our mutual pagan community friends to get a good idea of the balance) was a little disheartening when it was twice as long as my list. Granted I wasn’t planning on inviting a ton of people (most of my friends from high school and college I rarely talk to anymore so why invite them when they’re not a huge part of my life?) so I guess I shouldn’t be upset. I think because I know when my parents see the list they’ll be like “Why is he inviting so many more people than you?” and since they’re paying for it there might be an issue there.

But, more on that and the notion of “family politics” in another post.

Theme weddings. They’re something that could be really cool if done correctly and really awful if done wrong. There’s a fine line between good theme and bad theme and from what I gather, it’s all about subtlety.

So in other words, it doesn’t have to be like a passion play (damn!) or require that people dress up in costumes (although if you have people willing to do that it could be really fun – but really it’s only fun if everyone participates). A theme, I suppose in my interpretation, is something that will keep everything cohesive. I found a fantastic site yesterday www.elizabethanndesigns.com that does an excellent job of taking an idea and making it work without being too overbearing.

Also – the show My Fair Wedding (On We Network) shows how you can take a theme and get the idea across without being so blunt about it.

I started brainstorming theme ideas in my head. Garry and I have a pretty geeky background and group of friends. We like nature and camping. I like things that are Victorian, boho, kind of Midsummer Nights Dream (the naturey-fae part of the play) sort of thing. I think Garry will go along with whatever, but he’s definitely into fantasy and sci-fi novels (think Lord of the Rings kind of stuff). Somewhere in there, there’s a theme.

How do I put it all together on $5K? That, my friends, is the big question.


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