June 29, 2010

Lord of the Ring

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One of the reasons I love Garry so much is because he is such a dork.

Yesterday my engagement ring was delivered to our local store and Garry went to go get it. He picked me up at work and then dropped me off at my second job (yeah – it’s really a drag) and went to go get it.

Of course I’m thinking “YAY! Now I get to wear it!” Nope. Not yet. Apparently Garry is stubborn enough (or stuck on tradition enough) to “formally” propose.

Which I still think is funny because it’s really kind of a moot point.

This, of course, kills me because he could’ve been all sneaky and said “Hey I have to run back to the house for a few minutes/drop something off at my friends/get a sandwich while you’re at the station” instead of “I’m going to go pick up your ring” Grr.

THEN because he is so not super sneaky, he said he was worried it wouldn’t fit. Um, the band fit fine and we ordered the same size so I’m guessing it will fit. We pull in the driveway and he said “No, I think I need you to try it on to make sure.”

So I stood there and closed my eyes while he practically twisted my arm around my back (so I couldn’t see incase I peeked – which I didn’t) slipped it on really quick, made sure it fit and then slipped it off.


THEN he went online and posted to Facebook that he was the Lord of the Ring.

What does that make me – Gollum?!?!? 

Anyway, it was pretty funny. For someone who claims his totem to be a fox he is not very sneaky.

Speaking of elves, faeries and the like – our second annual Faerie Festival went really well this last weekend! (Garry and I worked at the event) We had a ton of people come and we really enjoyed the music, performers and the joust (I love a good joust!). At night we had a HUGE (although, for me it was too huge) drum circle.

I also found a fascniator for our handfasting! It’s an ivory lily with faerie  hair attached. The company is Solstice Art and she makes really fabulous pieces! (I stood there a while and drooled over her headpieces before purchasing my clip)

I’m thinking of possibly having some smaller versions of mine made up for my maids (mine only cost $20 so I’m hoping she can make some smaller ones up for less). Could be interesting!


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