June 24, 2010


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People say that one of the keys to making a relationship work is compromise. Although, what they forget to say is that sometimes it’s necessary to make sacrifices in order to make things work too.

Garry and I decided to consolidate down to one vehicle – his Jeep. We spent all winter driving just my little car and it was fine. We didn’t really *need* another vehicle so long as we communicated with each other on where we needed to go and when, consolidated trips and that sort of thing.

Granted my little Saturn got excellent gas mileage, but the inspection was past due and I knew there was NO way it would pass and it needs a new transmission… really for a vehicle that has almost 150K miles on it – it wasn’t worth it. We also don’t have the money right now to buy another vehicle and include full-coverage on insurance.

Yesterday we drove my little Saturn down to the local U-Pull it place and we managed $215 out of it. We’re thinking $200 of it will go toward finishing our kitchen (we need a base cabinet really bad) since we won’t have much in the way of “extra” income for a while it’s a wise place to put that money.

That car was the only thing that I’ve ever really “owned” of any great significance. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about letting it go. I didn’t know if I would clam up and not do it, or if I’d break down and cry. In the end as I watched Garry drive it down the slope to the little garage they have set up, I felt a little sadness, but more relief than anything else. Something that had plagued me time and again (things needing fixed and just the general costs of owning a high-mileage vehicle) was no longer an issue.

It’s hard to believe that I owned that car since 2003. 7 years and about 120,000 miles later I was just so used to having it and relying on it. We drove in hot weather, blizzards and pouring rain. However, now I live about a two miles from work and it’s on top of a fairly steep hill. Winter-time in my car was not so fun. Garry’s Jeep has 4-wheel drive which makes me feel a lot safer than my little car did.

On our way home Garry noticed I was a little upset. I think he realized that I must feel really good about our relationship – otherwise why would I get rid of my only mode of transportation and rely on his vehicle – which I guess is our vehicle now.

At some point we might trade his Jeep in for something with better mileage. We definitely need something that has 4-wheel drive and enough space to pack all of our camping gear. It should also be safe. We’re thinking along the lines of a CR-V would be good for us.

The more I’ve thought about it – the more I am okay with selling my car and the less it feels like a “sacrifice.” It will make our lives easier (and better) so in the end it all works out better.


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