June 23, 2010


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Yesterday I took my dress to my weekly Crazy Ladies Night to try on infront of my friends. Considering I purchased the dress online and I didn’t even go dress shopping in the first place, I figured that trying it on (even though I had already purchased it) with my friends there would be sort of like trying it on in a store – only less stressful.

Well, I tried on my dress and lo’ and behold – it fit perfectly. Which I was really thrilled about because then I could see how it’s supposed to look on me, but it fit perfectly.

Everyone ooohed and aaahed over it (everyone loved it – especially the pockets) because it was simple, classic and just perfect for what I wanted it for. It was me.

The reason I’m a little nervous about it fitting perfectly is, well, that means I can’t lose or gain any weight between now and September without having to have alterations made. Right now it just needs to be hemmed. That’s it. I know. No one could believe that I bought something off the rack and it fit that perfectly. It really was the right dress afterall.

However, I’d like to lose some weight between now and then. I’m planning on going back on my birth control pill (for medical reasons, not contraceptive reasons) which as history has shown that when I go back on them (and you know – go to the gym) I lose weight. I’ve been going to the gym 3-4 times a week, eating healthy (and eating 3 meals a day) for a month and… nothing. Not one pound. My thyroid is fine (which was our first thought) and I’ve been going to the gym and burning 650 or so calories per visit.

With all hope I’ll get back on the pill, lose some weight and thankfully a friend of mine suggested a fantastic seamstress that will hopefully be able to do some last minute take-ins.


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