June 22, 2010

The dress arrives!

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Yesterday, for some reason, I was incredibly stressed out over figuring out the venue.

I’m trying to find this balance of something that will make me happy, be worth my family flying in from over 1,000 miles away (I hate to say it – but a picnic in the park probably does not constitute a good enough reason for most of my family to fly up), and will be comfortable for my local friends too.

The biggest problem is – what I really want doesn’t feel feasable. Not because we can’t afford it – I’m guessing my father is willing to pay for the added cost if it will make me happy (trust me – it’s a HUGE surprise to me considering my life previous to this has been nothing like that) after hinting about it the other night on the phone – but because where I’d really love to have it (or at least the general area) is about 2 hours away from my hometown.

I’d feel a little like a jerk if I asked people (our friends, the bridal party and people who are helping me out for free or very cheap) to drive 2 hours (one way) to be at our wedding. Of course it would be beautiful, good food and a lot of fun, but driving 4 hours is a lot – and if they don’t want to drive that far – hotels are still kind of expensive.

It would be nice for my family however – they would get to spend a weekend in what I would say is the most beautiful part of our state. There’s tons to do there and they can all take a mini vacation. If we had our ceremony on a Saturday (we’d have to book NOW to do that) Garry and I could take that following Sunday and just spend a day out there and enjoy the scenery. I would really like that – and I know my family would really like that.

Garry’s family lives out in that direction so for them it would be a little bit of a shorter drive and it would be a little more familiar to them than driving into my hometown about an hour away.

The conundrum lies within all our close friends (who live in our hometown) who we really want to be there. Our families will go either way – whichever city we’d like to have it in is fine by either of them I’m guessing – but I’m wondering if our friends will be willing to drive all that way for us.

After worrying over that all day, I came home and found that my dress arrived! YAY! 😀

The UPS guy dropped it off just as I was heading down the road to my second job and Garry took it up. He called and said “Hey hun, your dress is here, I opened it to…”

“NOOOOOO!!! Don’t open it!!!!”

Heehee. Really, at this point I don’t really care. I just like messing with him. After I finished giggling, I told him if he wanted to look he could – it’s not like he’d know what it looks like on me. Or if he does, oh well. I guess when it comes to these sorts of things I’m not as superstitious as most people are.

Of course, by telling him that I don’t care if he peeks, it will ensure that he won’t. It’s not as fun if I don’t really care.

The fabric is exactly what I imagined it to be – just like my maids’ dresses only in ivory (white is way too stark on my already pasty skin). I really love it. I hope I love it just as much when I put it on. I’m taking it with me to my weekly ladies night to try on in front of my friends. I’m fairly certain I’ll have to hire a seamstress to do some alterations – that’s all well and good. I don’t mind.

My MOH called and said that my engagement ring would take a day or two longer since they had to order a special shank for it. (Apparently people don’t usually order trillium cut stones) That’s fine, I’ll still get it around 4th of July which makes me a happy panda. I’m more worried about venues than anything else right now. Everything else is easy-peasy.


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