June 22, 2010


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Garry and I have relatively busy lives as it is, but when we included handfasting/wedding planning into it (and then with the unexpected announcement of my maids’ engagement over the weekend and my offer to help with their wedding) well, we’re sure to start feeling a little over stretched here pretty soon – especially as our handfasting looms near.

One thing that we’ve promised ourselves (and I’ve read this in articles over the years) is to not let the planning process consume your lives. I was talking to Garry last night about a few things (concerning my stress over booking a venue for next year), but I try to keep those conversations short, sweet and to the point. It’s not that he doesn’t care (he really does care quite a bit), but I tend to get so buried in the details and obsess over things and he really doesn’t and sometimes gets a little frustrated with that.

Luckily we do have rituals to attend every so often and that gives us a break from planning (and in my case, stressing) and allows us to focus on our spiritual path (and have a good understanding of what we need from each other and from ourselves to help us grow as a couple) and relax a little – even if we end up exhausted by the end of the weekend.

There are other events that we are a part of over the summer too – while it adds to the pile of craziness – it is something for us to do together that is not wedding related.

Also – something we’ve been doing for a while is Noodle Night. It sounds a little dorky at first, but it really is something special for both of us. One night a week we watch anime cartoons (usually we pick a series and watch it all the way through over a series of weeks) and I make some sort of ramen noodle dish. It sounds silly, but it really has brought us closer together knowing that one night every week we’ll set aside time for each other to do that. It’s definitely something to look forward to.

And it’s not like we just watch it. We actually talk about it. I love that we can sit there and question plot holes or discuss character development.

Last night was Noodle Night and we started watching Avatar – The Last Airbender. We figured this was appropriate since the movie is coming out (that can be a special Noodle Night where we go see the movie) even though it’s American anime.

I’ve seen the series, but it’s always been in chunks – never straight through. It will be interesting to watch it through the end.

Previous to Avatar, we watched Naruto, which at first I thought was going to be kind of lame, but I ended up really enjoying it! We don’t have the last few seasons yet so we had to put that one on hold unfortunately.

Avatar has 60 episodes so it will take a while to get through the whole series. Maybe by then we can pick up Naruto and finish – or we can try to get either Inuyasha, Outlaw Star, or Sailor Moon (which is my absolute favorite and I’ve seen the series all the way through about 4 times, but I LOVE it!) I think Inuyasha is probably the best bet here since it’s a relatively long series (although the ending makes me more than beyond annoyed! It was terrible!) so it will last a while. Plus it’s not super-cute-and-adorable like Sailor Moon which is really directed at middle school to teenage girls. Somehow I don’t see a 26-year old former Marine really getting into it.


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