June 21, 2010

Breaking the news

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It was an odd weekend of sorts.

We went to our Litha ritual with all of our friends from the community we belong to. We camped all weekend and had miraculously beautiful weather. We haven’t really “broken” the news to our community as a whole that we’re getting married – although most of them we’ve talked to about it personally and that seems good enough for me.

Maybe it’s my fear of the “are we invited?” part of it because not everyone in our community is invited. Sure we share ritual space with them, but it would be along the same lines as inviting weird Uncle Fred or crazy Aunt Millie – it would be out of guilt, not because we really want them there. So we’ve restrained on making a public announcement about our engagement – or handing out invitations at ritual because inevitably there will be the “where’s my invite” situation and I don’t handle that kind of pressure well.

Going along with that – one of my maids and her boyfriend announced that they are getting married (at the ritual – in front of everyone) sometime next spring and a few people piped up with “Are we invited?” and I giggled a little and looked at Garry. He just shook his head wondering how I knew that would happen.

Of course, my inner Mercury in Virgo just exploded everywhere when she told me. Not only do I get to plan OUR wedding, but since they’ll have a baby (and I’ve offered help in that venue as well) I offered to help plan THEIR wedding too.

Why? Because I’m crazy like that. And I love my friends.

It’s also nice to have someone local, who is also getting married, to bounce ideas off of and share the “experience” with. It should be interesting, or disasterous… not really sure yet.

Skipping to yesterday – I called my dad to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. We talked a little about the wedding and frankly, I hadn’t really broken the news to him directly – he just heard most of it from my mom.

I told him we got the wedding bands and we were still looking for a venue. We were thinking of one place, but my dad kind of (but not formally) vetoed it because his class reuinion was there and the food was apparently terrible.

I said that if I were to have exactly what I wanted without worry of cost or hassle – I’d have it at a paticular winery that’s about an hour and a half away from where Garry and I live. He asked why we couldn’t have it there (knowing that they’re paying for the reception and all). I explained the distance is kind of hard to manage for all of our in-town friends (we have a HUGE bridal party of 18 people) and I don’t think they want to pony up THAT much money and I wouldn’t really want to ask.

I’m really not sure what to do here. It makes it difficult because my parents don’t live in the area (they live over 1,000 miles away) and can’t go and check something out for me while I’m at work or generally busy.

Although – I’ve set a time limit for myself. We’re picking (and booking) a venue by the end of July. Mostly to save my sanity and secondly because most places book a year out or more.


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