June 18, 2010

We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

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Something I’m learning is that you can never be too thankful for the help of friends and family when it comes down to planning your wedding.

Garry and I are setting aside around $5,000 for our wedding (legal ceremony) next year. For most people that is just a drop in the bucket, for us, it’s a huge investment. We realized that we would have to be frugal and maybe not have *exactly* what we want on every measure, budget carefully and be creative.

We also knew that we had a huge pool of resources with our friends and family and were hoping that they would be ever-so-kind to help us out on our big day.

My parents are taking care of the food/beverages and venue for us (which when you look at a wedding budget – the VAST majority tends to go there) which saved us a ton of money. Even if they weren’t able to help us and we had a pot-luck dinner – we still would’ve had to come up with some moola for the venue and the main dish – which is pretty pricey for 150 people.

My bridesmaids are making their dresses – which saved me $75 on my budget – and about $200 if we would’ve bought them from a store. I wanted to make sure my maids wore something comfortable and nice for the wedding (I want them to feel pretty too!) so purchasing the fabric and patterns for them was a big “THANK YOU” for standing up there with me and for dealing with all my potential insane moments in the coming year.

Our upstairs tenant and friend was a hairdresser for many years before going into the jewelry making business. She offered to do our hair (both for our handfasting and the wedding!) as a gift.

My coworker is dj’ing our event (although I’m a little nervous that it might end up turning into a roast!).

And today, I asked a good friend of the family who happens to be a fantastic photographer (with all the right equipment even!) and she agreed and even said she’d do it for us as our present! YAY!

We are so lucky that we have such wonderful people that are willing to help us and make our day special!

If you have a lot of people helping you on your wedding day – it’s a good idea to include a thank you page in your program. We’re planning on doing so – and aside from the cheesecakes I’m planning on making for them as thank you presents –  it’s a really nice way to acknowledge them.


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