June 16, 2010

Getting the ball rolling!

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The last two days we’ve really got a lot of big things taken care of. Garry purchased our wedding bands and my engagement ring (which my ring will be here on the 29th! I’m so excited!!) and today, by luck, I found my handfasting dress.

Here are our wedding bands:

This is Garry’s band

Photo from Kays.com

This is my band

Photo from Kays.com

I thought he did a fantastic job don’t you think? It’s nice knowing that my husband-to-be has excellent taste in jewelry.

It’s funny though – if he had left the decision up to me – I don’t think that’s what I would’ve picked. I would’ve figured he wouldn’t want anything with stones in it. He just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that would like something like that. I guess I was wrong huh? Originally we were going to get plain bands, but I’m sure my MOH said “Oh no, that won’t do – you should get this” and Garry, I love him dearly, but he’s attracted to shiny things.

Yesterday he came home and brought the bands with him. His is a little too small and needs to be resized. When he was showing me the bands he shoved his as far as he could on his finger and stood there, complete with a goofy grin on his face and a sort-of “Captain Morgan” pose – “Hey honey – this is what I’m going to look like when I’m your husband!”

He is such a dork. But, he’s my dork – and that makes me happy.

So today I was scouring the internet for a while and thinking about my handfasting dress. I ordered the fabric and patterns for my maids – they’re all set. We have bands and my engagement ring is on the way, so that’s set. Another really important thing – my dress – was something of a mystery. I browsed through all the websites for the pattern companies and didn’t find anything I really liked 100%. I had pretty strict criteria when it came to this dress though.

1. Material should look kind of raw and organic – like the shantung I bought the girls. It’s gorgeous! I love the drape and everything about it.

2. It needed to be floor length.

3. It should be comfortable, able to wear a strapless bra (or something supportive) underneath it that I already own.

4. I need to be able to wear it to work (after hemming it to knee length) – even if I have to wear a bolero or a cardigan over it. (I’m poor and need more work clothes – so anything that can pull double duty is definitely worth it for me!)

5. For the love of all things holy and sacred – NO BLING. (Although pearl beading, lace, or flowers were okay – just nothing super sparkley)

The fourth criteria was the hardest to fulfill. There were tons of gorgeous patterns out there, but I couldn’t see them being hemmed short for an everyday wear dress. Secondly, there were a lot of strapless dresses – which I like – but I abhorr with the fiery passion of a thousand suns really don’t like to sew boning. It’s a pain – and sewing can be difficult enough as it is (and I have a really busy summer lined up) so an easy pattern that I can use shantung fabric with that didn’t require boning or was possibly pushing my sewing skills was impossible to find.

I decided to check the David’s Bridal website (again, for what felt like the millionth time) just to see if maybe there was something in my price range on the site that would work (and save me some effort and sanity).

Lo’ and behold I found my handfasting dress.

It even has POCKETS! I almost fell out of my chair! It was perfect! I can wear my convertible strapless bra (I have a clear strap that I can put as a halter) for extra support and the pleating on the bodice won’t show off *too* much cleavage. It’s made out of shantung fabric too! The cut is perfect (the banding looks like it’s in just the right spot for my waist) and I can hem it short and it will be really cute for work or wherever I need a cute dress!

The coup de gras? Well, it was on sale for $109. A little more than I wanted to pay (after you include shipping), but then I noticed that there was an online promotion for $20 off a select group of white dresses. I figured I’d check that out – just in case I found something I liked more. Again, almost falling out of my chair, that dress was a part of that promotion! I ended up paying $89.99 for the dress and after all was said and done I paid $104.94 – only $4.94 more than I budgeted – but without the hassle of trying to sew my own dress!

You can imagine my excitement. 😀


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