June 15, 2010

Today is the day!

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It’s hard for me to sit at work knowing that Garry is sitting at the counter of the jewlery store my MOH works at trying to decide THE RING. I guess this is why so many men decide to surprise their girlfriends – because if they’re like me – they tend to be a little neurotic over the style, color, how many side stones and their shapes…

I took care of the hardest part I suppose with my trillion cut sapphire. The rest, is up to him.

He is also ordering our bands – might as well since he’s there. One less thing to worry about down the road. One of the things I’m a little worried about – is that he’ll spend more money than we originally wanted to spend. But, that’s for him to work out I suppose.

Unfortunately the ring needs to be sent out to have the stone mounted (something that is a little scary for me) and then it will be shipped to us when it’s done – a process my MOH assured me – will take about 2 weeks.

Garry was a little upset about the turnaround time (he was hoping to have it that same day I guess), but we’ll get it just in time for 4th of July – which I’m hoping will be the first weekend in a month where we’re not running around doing this, that or the other thing – and maybe just taking in a baseball game and watching fireworks. I’d like that.

Oh, so they just called to get my opinion on something… which I think is kind of funny since jewelry is not really my forte. However, I trust that Garry and my MOH won’t do something like mount it crooked and in yellow gold (it look awful in yellow gold).

Other than that – nothing else exciting has happened. We’re waiting for a few more bills to come in and pay them off before we can go any further. I’m still working on what pattern I want to use for my handfasting dress (or if I just want to buy a really nice, long sundress that I can wear again).

Oh another call – apparently Garry is bringing home our bands tonight to make sure they’re the proper size. If they’re not then we’ll take them to our local store tomorrow to get sized and then we’ll get the correct size (if he didn’t guess the correct size) to my MOH so she can make sure my engagement ring will fit.


But, the transaction is made. The rings are taken care of! YAY! 😀

Funny note: Garry told me what we had to do to make sure our bands were the correct size. Then he said “Well, we want to make sure your engagement ring is the right size when I propose to you.”

Um. Kinda late for that.

Well, at least we’re consistantly doing everything backwards!


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