June 11, 2010

Making the commitment

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Yesterday Garry and I went to a local pub where my friend Derek was playing. He drove in from out of town to help raise some money for a benefit to help disadvantaged children in our area play hockey.

There were a fair number of people I went to school with there, some I knew, some I only recognized the faces, but it was interesting when I had to introduce Garry to all of my old friends.

At this point we haven’t formally announced our engagement. I guess we were waiting for him to get the ring, but as I stood there racking my brain for an introduction I finally said “Oh, this is Garry, my fiance.”

He smiled. It was the first time I said it. I’ll be honest, it felt a little weird – not in a bad way, but in a “I’m so used to just calling you my boyfriend” kind of way – but it was good all at the same time. So naturally people asked to see the ring – that was explained too. Naturally people were perplexed and wondering “well how did you propose” (to Garry).

Well, that’s a funny thing too, because if you think about it he didn’t propose to me. I proposed to him. Which, in the grand scheme of things makes total and complete sense.

Apparently, we narrowed it down to when I was at the Gem and Mineral Show and found my sapphire. I called and asked him if he’d be okay with me buying the stone. He said yes. See, I proposed to him on accident.

I think it’s a funny story, and not only that, but a good one for our some-day children. It teaches that women have just as much power as men to initiate that kind of commitment. Because ladies, we really do have that power – not just on February 29th in Ireland.


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