June 9, 2010

There’s a time and place for everything

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Something that I never really gave too much thought of before was the venue for our legal ceremony. Our handfasting will be held on private property so it will be cozy and nice. People have asked “Why not have your legal ceremony there?” Well, first of all, we’d have to rent port-o potties. Okay, I think that’s all that needs to be said on that.

We’ve been thinking of venues in our area that are versatile – that we can have it indoors if need be, but ideally we’d have it outside. Because we have a more than intimately sized guest list that takes out a couple of places that I had previously thought about booking.

The best part about the venue/food is that my parents are picking up the tab. It’s the one thing that we really can’t budget enough money for (and not end up surviving off of Ramen for the next year) and thankfully my mom and dad have been generous enough to take care of that part.

Of course, that’s going to come with some strings attached. I’m hoping the cap that I’ve put on (at 150) will be reasonable for them. That’s the biggest of my worries to be honest. That, and we might not really get something as nice as I’m hoping for, in the name of it being too expensive. I can appreciate the cost being exhorbitant. However, I also realize that (and not to have a tantrum over this) my parents aren’t exactly poor. Actually they’re pretty well off – and without a fuss – they paid for my younger brother’s entire (ok the vast majority) wedding a year ago.

Granted their wedding was nothing extravagent. They wanted a simple wedding with a simple reception (we had it at my parent’s house) and that’s what they got. Here’s how I look at it: The deal my parents gave my brother and I with college was that if we graduated (with good marks) they would pay half of our student loans off for us. I went to a state school (costing around $60K when I was finished) and my brother – because he didn’t take a foreign language in high school (or claimed that he just “couldn’t do it” which I always thought was his way of not having to do something he didn’t want to bother doing) went to a private college and his students loans ended up being around $100K after finishing.

I graduated with a 3.3GPA overall (which I thought was pretty good). My brother, on the other hand, was academically dismissed (but then begged his way back into the program) and then barely graduated.

But, keeping true to their promise they paid for half of my schooling and half of my brother’s.

So in all fairness you’d think that spending twice as much on my reception than they did my brother’s wedding would be okay since it was okay to do that with our schooling? Right? I’m hoping so.

Although – if you asked me what my absolute fairy-tale dream come true place to have our legal wedding would be – it would be at one of the wineries about an hour – hour and a half from here. The venues are just gorgeous, the food amazing, overall everything I’d want. However – kind of pricey – a lot more than I’d reasonably ask my parents for (but of course, wouldn’t turn down if it was offered!)

We’ve looked at one place in town that we really like – but we want to look elsewhere before we make a decision and book a date. The reason we need to do so lickety split is well, most (really nice) venues around here book a year in advance. My mom (I think) wants to book the venue before the end of July. You know, no pressure or anything.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that it’s a place that’s comfortable for both families and our friends, that good food can be available (either on-site or through a caterer) and there are people available to help set up/tear down so we don’t have to worry about any of that stuff that day.


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