June 8, 2010

You got some pretty big stones!

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Like I mentioned in the previous post – for a while I wasn’t certain if I even wanted an engagement ring. I knew for certain I didn’t want a diamond – everyone has a diamond. Oh sure the symbolism behind a diamond being the hardest gemstone known to humans, is purity and clarity… and a whole bunch of other stuff that doesn’t really apply to either me, or my relationship with Garry in something that is supposed to be symbolic. (I’m not going to try and kid people that we’re “pure” we’re human and no human is pure)

I suppose the real issue I have with diamonds is that they feel a little cookie-cutter to me. Hey, if you have your heart set on a princess-cut diamond for your finger set on a white gold band, then that’s all well and good with me, but for me, not so much. I don’t want to run into 10 other people with the same ring as me. (This will probably end up being a re-occuring theme throughout this blog)

In my effort to be different without being too outrageous I decided that I’d really like a sapphire engagement ring. Blue is my favorite color after all (and Garry’s), and sapphires are a very emotional stone, blue like the depths of the ocean, and also represent faithfulness in marriage (something that’s rather important to Garry and I). Apparently they were also popular engagement stones before diamonds took center stage.

In April, just after we came home from visiting my parents in Florida, (and my entire family expressed their approval of Garry to me) I went with a few friends to a local gem and mineral show. We had just about nothing for money (save for about $150 in my checking account) and I said to my friends “Sure, I’ll go, but I’m not planning on buying anything while I’m there.”

Oh those famous last words.

I took literally five steps in the door and to my right was a booth set up with a bunch of cut gemstones. I looked over the selection and there it was.  The most gorgeous sapphire I have ever seen.

It was a trillon cut sapphire with the size equivalent of 1.1 cts. I stood there for a good 10-15 minutes fogging up the glass case, staring wide-eyed with my heart fluttering. I nearly fainted.

The woman at the counter asked if I would like to look at it closer. “Closer?” my voice cracked a little. “Umm… sure.”

It’s brilliance was multiplied when she took it out of the glass case, at that moment I knew it needed to be mine. It was fate.

However, we were broke. I had $150 to my name and that had to last us for about a week until my next pay day. There was no way I could afford such a beautiful stone like that. So I put the stone back and meandered off to see the rest of the show.

When I came back to the entrance and back to the little booth with the sapphire, I stared longingly again at it for another solid 10 minutes. The little old man working behind the booth asked if I’d like a price on it. “Why not” I said, figuring it would be well above what was in my bank account or what I’d be willing to pay.

He took out a pair of old brass scales that have probably seen many generations of use and dropped the stone in the little tray. The scale shifted and he added counter weights to the other side, carefully teetering the scale into balance.

The scribbled a number on his worn little notepad and went back to his calculator and came back to me with a total.

“That stone would be $130.95 dear.”

At that moment I imagine all the color drained from my face. I had $130 in my bank account! I could afford what I imagined was the most gorgeous stone I have ever seen! I was giddy with joy!

I asked to be excused for a moment so I could make a phone call and ran outside to call Garry. With hands shaking I called his cell phone and relayed the story. I asked him if he felt awkward if I picked out a stone for an engagement ring and he said that if “it was what I truely wanted – then I should have it.”

I bounded back into the building and happily relayed the news to the little old man and the woman working at the booth. They hadn’t realized why I was so excited, but when I handed them my debit card and said “This is for my engagement ring – I wasn’t looking for a stone in particular, but this one is perfect. It’s truely fate.” The woman’s eyes beamed and said I needed to come back next year so she can see the finished piece.

Fast forwrad to about 3 weeks ago. We went to a ring show at our local Kay Jewelers to accomplish a few things: 1. get my ring finger sized and 2. see what there was to see. I have never been ring shopping before. Actually – I have worn only a few rings in my whole life – so picking out an engagement ring is more than a little scary in the “you’ll wear this piece of jewelry for the rest of your life” sort of way.

So, sweating like a beast and with my hands shaking we went to the store and looked at mountings.

I’ll be honest – I think I was too nervous to really concentrate on what was going on. Garry was hovering over me (which is something that makes me even more nervous) and the salesperson was giving me this ring and that ring to try on. We brought the sapphire I purchased and placed it in a few settings to get a good idea what it would look like. Again, I think I was so nervous I couldn’t really concentrate because everything seemed way too shiny and “blingy” for me.

I’m a relatively simple person. (For those that know me, you can stop laughing now) I don’t like a lot of bling and I’m not one to wear a lot of jewelry. I have a few pieces, some nice, but mostly it’s nothing more than something I got at NY and Company on sale for $10. My favorite piece I own now are a pair of pearl stud earrings my grandmother gave me. I wear them more than anything else. They’re simple and go with everything. I kind of want my ring to do the same thing.

I also work with my hands a LOT. I do wood burning, drawing… I play a bodhran too. I dig in the dirt and weed gardens – and I like to sit infront of a sewing machine for hours on end. Needless to say, it would have  to be durable.

We left the store that day with a few mixed feelings. I was so stressed I was near the point of tears. I figured I’d be happy with a plain mounting, nothing fancy going on because we really are simple people, Garry and I. Garry knows me well enough to know that I’d probably change my mind soon enough. Last week I went online to the Kay Jewlers website and poked around a little to see if there’s something I’d like other than a plain band and other than what we saw at the show. Naturally I found a few that I liked that not 3 weeks ago were the antithesis of what I said I wanted.

We’re planning on getting the mounting and the wedding bands done at the same time. Might as well – one last thing to think about down the road right?

I’ve left this task in Garry’s hands. I trust him fully and know that he will pick something that I will love and cherish.

The lesson learned here: I don’t have to (or want to) be in control of everything. Also – knowing what you want is a good thing, but if sometimes it’s good to be surprised too. Knowing that something is given from the heart from someone you love instantly makes it that much more beautiful.


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